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About the Practitioner

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 Joshua Hamilton Lohnes Oregon LMT#18296          

Graduate of East West College of the Healing Arts, Portland OR, 800 hour Massage Therapy Program

     Raised on a steady diet of sunshine, surf and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I learned at a very young age the importance of a strong relationship with spirit, the physical body and our connection to the world around us. Growing up in San Diego, California my youth was spent learning to read water, wind, riptides and swell direction. Memorized every sand bar and rocky outcrop that could create the perfect wave. The rhythms of the ocean, the pull of the tide and direction of wind all play into the moment you take off and just for a moment in time, dance with the infinite. Within all the poetic metaphor is a strong weaving of mathematics, physics, mechanical and biological engineering and evidence based science. I believe science and intuition, when partnered, result in remarkable discoveries.

     Our bodies are much like the oceans in the way we absorb and process our environments. Toxins, trauma, stress and the very aging process create changes within the structure which result in diminished health and energy. By discovering the underlying patterns creating pain and stress we can begin to move towards healing and balance. I feel Bodywork and Massage are beneficial tools in the journey of self discovery of ourselves, our bodies and how we move, feel and relate to the world around us. Massage is not just about working out the knots and kinks within the muscle system, but finding new patterns both physically and emotionally that allow us to perform at peak levels with our work and personal lives. It's a  chance to root down into the core of yourself and unwind your branches into limitless possibilities.

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